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Biomass Pellet Mill

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Biomass Pellet Mill

Biomass Pellet Mill

biomass pellet mill


Biomass Pellet Mill

Overview of Biomass Pellet Mill:

After crushing different materials, such as wood logs, wood chips, wheat straw, rice straw, etc . into sawdust or bran. SVPM series biomass pellet mills press them into pellets for fuel, according to customer exact demands and local market situation, pellet size can be 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc. This is the most important equipment in the biomass pellet production line. We use Germany Munch technology, and our pellet mill are more advanced technology than other supplier in China.




Main motor(kw)

55 90 150



0.5-0.6 0.8-1.0 1.5-2.0


Feeding motor(kw)

0.75+0.55 0.75+0.55 2.2+1.1


Conditioner motor(kw)

2.2 5.5 7.5


Diameter of die(mm)

350 420 520


Pellet diameter(mm)

4,6,8 4,6,8 4,6,8


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Benefits of Biomass Pellet Mill:

(1) Frequency controlling screw feeder and conditioner are made by stainless less steel 40 Cr, which keep the feeding process is smooth going.
(2) Transmission gear billet is heat treated after forging, improve the tooth surface hardness. Adopt tooth surface carburizing treatment, carburizing layer up to 2.4 mm to enhance the wear resistance, extend the service life of the components; Hard tooth surface by the silent practice edge grinding process, make the operation more quiet, more smoothly.
(3) The main shaft and conjoined hollow shaft with Germany imported alloy steel forging, rough turning, heat treatment, the water pure and fine grinding and become, reasonable structure, uniform hardness improved component fatigue resistance and wear resistance.
(4) High strength V-Belt is used for the main transmission system of pellet mills, this ensure the reliable performance and low noisy level.
(5) Overload protecting system is matched and will begin to work when overload situation happened, then pellet mill machine can be protected.
(6) Lubricating system is automatic working, operator only needs to inject air grease into the tank, this save much working hours and labor cost.
(7) All instruments imported from Japan, Sweden, long life and exact testing numbers can be ensured.
(8) Lifting system is a new design, this is mainly for maintain work, workers can take off ring die by this device easily
(9) Ring die adopts high grade stainless nickel industry steel, unique design is reasonable, the compression ratio make more better quality pellet, ring die life is much longer than normal design. This maximum reduces the cost of production.
(10) Transmission part of the bearing and oil seal adopts high precision bearings imported from Japan and the United States, especially adding lubricating oil system, oil circulating cooling, automatic timing for oil lubrication. Ensure that sufficient lubrication bearing, more safe and reliable operation.

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