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Introduction of the fish feed pellet mill machine

fish feed pellets

Fish feed pellet mill machine contains three types of physical performance, which is, the gentle fish feed pellet mill machine, the tough pellet mill machine and feed food extruder machine.

Gentle fish feed pellet mill machine is the primary device, most typical, easy design and minimal expense. Feed pellets produced by this kind of equipment consist of the similar nutritive component for cheaper degrees.

Tough feed pellet mill machine grows quickly in China. It is primarily applied on pressing of comparatively minimal wet component (eleven percent) in substance.Tough pellets is comparatively less wet component, effortless to preserve, but not suspended, for sardines and grass carp.

Fish food extruder Machine,best known as suspended pellet mill machine, designed a young kind of feed producing techniques. Suspended fish feed pellets could enhance the nutritionary component and digestibleness, likewise, can adjust to the fish digestive tract small, weak food digestion and bodily features, that is perfect for fish feed pellets.Suspended fish feed pellets can drift 7 hours to 13 hours within the water, effortless to utilize.


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