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Pellet Bagging Machine

Pellet Bagging Machine


Pellet Bagging Machine

Overview of Pellet Bagging Machine:

The BCP50 model microprocessor control rationed packing scale is applied to portion pack of the granulate materials. It is widely used in many industries, such as the grain, forage, food, LI, chemistry. etc. Pellet bagging machine is comprised of mechanical device and microprocessor control system. The mechanical device includes feeding, the body of scale, deliver, the pneumatic system; control system includes weigh sensor, intelligent weigh instrument and PLC control program. Except the manual cap bag, fast and slow charging, rationed packing, package clamp and bagging off are controlled automatically. It realizes fast and slow material addition capacity control parameter setting and the overloading alarm display on the instrument; weigh accumulative total, and fits out the automatic printout. It also equips with message register in case the accumulative data get lost when the power is off. This facility also possesses the features of fast weighing speed, high degree of accuracy, good reliability, and easy operation.

Specification of pellet bagging machine:

2.1 rated weight 10-50 kg\bag
2.2 display resolution 10 g
2.3 measuring accuracy static state ≦± 0.1% trend ≦±0.2%
2.4 packing speed 300-500 bag\ h
2.5 air supply pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa
2.6 total size ( length x wide x high ) 770 * 790* 2300 mm
2.7 scale weigh <500 kg
2.8 temperature scope -10-40℃
2.9 relative humidity ≤ 90%
2.10 power supply rated voltage variation -15-10%
Rated frequency variation: ±2%



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