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Pellet Cooler Machine

pellet cooler machine

Pellet Cooler Machine

Overview of Pellet Cooler Machine:

Wood pellet cooler is mainly used for cooling biomass pellets, such as wood pellet, straw pellet ,stalk pellet, ect. After cooled, the moisture content of wood pellet after cooling process will be less than 10%.Wood Pellet Cooler adopts counter flow theory, cold air goes into cooler from bottom to top, pellets go to cooler from top to bottom, cold air and hot pellet touch with each other in opposite way and cool gradually , which avoids hurt to pellets . if hot pellets and cold air tough with each other suddenly in same direction , the Cooler will easily make pellets broken. As time goes on, pellets will pulse at the Cooler bottom, cold air will meet with cooled pellets ,hot air will meet with hot pellets , in this way, pellet can be cooled fully and equally, pellet broken rate is much smaller. It is best solution for cooling process.

Model  SKLN14  SKLN19 



1-2 3-5 




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Benefit of Pellet Cooler Machine:

1.The main body is made by 3mm steel board, high strength and good  rigidity.
2.Level indicator make sure that the machine can work automatic, save much labor cost
3.Feeding instrument and discharging port for pellet working speed is average, pellet can flow smooth going to next step for sifting work.
4.Easy installing work, just some anchor bolts and embedded steel board making the machine fixed on the floor.
5.Cooling time can be designed by level indicator, it will save electricity cost if the moisture of pellet before entering the cooler is smaller.
6.Easy maintain work, just adding some oil and lubricating grease is ok.

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