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biomass pellet mill machine production line

With regard to most of persons that desire to set up a wood pellet mill machine line, one of the most important issues is the best way to plan wood pellet mill project. Undoubtedly, nearly all persons cannot plan project on their own. But that’s just what our company enjoy to accomplish . Our company can provide wood pellet mill line project.

With regard to plan wood pellet mill line project for clients, we will need to learn about the next questions.

1. At first you should tell us about the substance that will be processed. Because various substance has its own feature and various fiber component, and these factors influence the glueyness of wood pellets. Therefore, various types of substance will require various compression percentage of wood pellet mill machine die.

2. The dimensions of substance that will be processed must be considered as well. With regard to various substance, the processes are various. E.g., when the substance is saw dust which features a dimension of smaller than 5 millimeters, no need be handled with hammer mill machine or grind machine. For the substance with bigger size, a hammer mill machine or grinding machine is a need; because if the openings of wood pellet mill machine ring die is too tiny, big substance will block the openings.

3. The wetness component of the substance. If the substance consists of excessive water, it also requires a drying out machine to dry additional wetness. Based on the trial and error, a wetness component of 12%-14% is ideal for most of the substance. Consequently, new trees that consist of about 45-75% wetness should be dried out.

4. The application of wood pellets. If you would like to produce wood pellets available for purchase, it is likely you need a wood pellet packaging device.

You will discover furthermore a number of other aspects that must take into account . However,exactly what we are able to promise is the fact that,we could provide you with the best wood pellet mill machine production line plans.


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