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Shredder MachineShredder Machine

Overview of Shredder Machines:

SV series shredder machine is mainly used for recycling waste materials which are difficult to crush by hammer mills,such as wood boards, boxes, roots, three-ply board, wood logs, wood furniture, etc. It is a new technology product in wood treating industry and is becoming more popular in China and other place around the world.


                Model  Items


Dimensions (mm)


Size of Shredding chamber (mm)


Tactical diameter(mm)


Speed of main shaft (rpm)


Rotary blades quantity (pcs)


Thickness of blade(mm)


Main machine power(kw)


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Benefits of Shredder Machine:

1.Super thick steel plate and large open inlet make sure that big size materials can be fed without any problem.
2. Blade adopts hot forging alloy steel (Nine chromium silicon alloy steel) and main shaft uses 40Cr with quenching and tempering heat treatment, these measures extend the life of the machine
3.Overload automatic reversal feature is included, it can protect the machine and make sure the operation is safe enough.
4.Double motors make the running balance and low noisy level.
5.Simple operation and easy to maintain
6.High capacity per hour, customers can save energy and labor cost much more



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