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The advantages of the feed ring die pellet mill machine

pellet mill machine plant

1.Overview of the feed ring die pellet mill machine:

Ring die pellet mill machine, a sort of pellet mill machine among biomass manufacturing machines, is a member of biomass pellet mill machines which are also designed to make biomass pellets from whole wood waste materials or biomass plant.

2.Features of the feed ring die pellet mill machine:

  • Easy design, high flexibility, small area occupation and minimal noise.
  • Wetness of the finish biomass pellets is the same as the materials without processing,so they are suitable to reserve.
  • Great firmness, smooth cover and cooked interior are beneficial for enhancing the degree of nutrition digestion and assimilation.
  • In the course of the biomass pellet process, pancreatic enzyme factor will be benefitcial to lower viruses disease for the feed pellets

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