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The brief introduction of wood flat die pellet mill machine


wood flat die pellet mill machine


Making use of flat die pellet mill machine to make wood pellets is not difficult, but you will discover three factors should be noticed,that are additive, dimension and component requirement and pellet mill process.

Wood pellets are kept jointly via the lignin , particularly in wood chips. Wood flour could be gathered to make wood pellets with other materials like fruit cores, nut covers, etc . But these kinds of additve can not include lignin. So to be able to hold the wood pellets jointly, the binding ought to be put into the the wood pellets making process.

Talking about the dimension and component requirements, a wood crusher is used to lessen the wood materials to the little items. The dimension of the wood material should be less than 0.25 inch. Wood lessenning process will make the wood pellets generate the dust when they are burned . To reduce the quantity of dust, the dust should be lessened from the mixing process.

When the wood materials are fed into the flat die pellet mill machine, it will be processed by the vapor and stress. Lignin is valuable right now, which make the wood materials joint together. Then the wood materials will go through roller system,that stresses the wood through the die, which forces the wood materials into pellet shape. Subsequently, the wood pellets is cooling down and the wetness of the wood pellets must be lowered by 8 to 16 percent with a dryer machine, which can make certain the high quality of the wood pellets.


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