Best Possible Pellet Mill Plant

The construction of the ring die pellet mill machine plant


wood pellet mill machine

Biomass pellet mill machine plant has became more and more popular in various place throughout the world nowadays. It is generally made up of hammer machine,drying out machine, pellet mill machine, cooling down machine,vibrating seive machine, etc.

1. Hammering machine and drying out machine of biomass pellet mill machine plant:

If the materials that will be processed feature a dimension of 7-13mm or more small, they should not be crushed by the hammer machine;If the materials have the size of over 13mm, you ought to hammer them firstly so as to enhance production output.
For the pelleting biomass materials process, the wetness component of raw material should be kept between 9% and 15%. Therefore, in the event that the raw material has more wetness component, you should furnish a drying out machine for the biomass pellet mill machine plant. On the other hand, if the wetness component is too low, you should give more water to the raw material in order ot get a ideal state.

2. Biomass pellet mill machine of complete pellet mill machine plant:

When you start pellet mill machine, feeding rate can not too be fast, it needs around 10 min for body heating process, after 10 min, you can adjust to be normal speed, the jam will not happen.If you change new ring die mould of pellet mill machine, you must go through an abrasive grinding process, the specific method is: 1: 2: 7 with oil, sand and saw dust. Operating from artificial feeding into the mouth repeatedly, it takes about 40 minutes.According to the material conditions and temperature changes, you can adjust the feeding speed of screw feeder of pellet mill machine.At the beginning of the feeding process for pellet mill machine, generally powder is more and forming particles less, this is normal phenomenon, it can be normal after a few minutes.


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