Best Possible Pellet Mill Plant

The flat die pellet mill machine for processing feed food and wood pellets

flat die pellet mill machine

The flat die pellet mill machine is initially designed to produce feed foodstuff. Currently, it is very well-known among persons that own numerous farm animals. Having the features of the very low expenditure, small-scale occupation place, flat die pellet mill machine is the ideal selection for small farmers. In the course of the operating a flat die pellet mill machine, the process heat range must be controlled at about 75 degree, that could heat the ingredients into dough. Simultaneously, lignin that is hard to digest for farm animal, could be destroyed in the course of heating up. Therefore,the finish products will be suitable for feeding farm animals and saved for a longer period.

Along with the technology improvement , flat die pellet mill machine is also developed to produce wood pellets, which is a environmentally friendly energy. On the other hand, flat die pellet mill machine need a few resin to make the wood materials combined in order to produce the finish pellets with the high quality. In the event that the wood material could not be feeding enough resin component,plant oil or starch might be added,that will bring the finish wood pellets a smooth appearance.



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