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Vibrating Sieve Machine

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Vibration Sieve


Overview of Vibrating Sieve Machine:

SFJH series biomass vibrating sieve machine using vibration motor as vibration source, make the material being thrown up on screen, at the same time forward to do rectilinear motion. There are three kinds of product after screen mesh of vibrating sieve, perfect biomass pellet will enter into the finished product bin directly, oversize and too smaller size pellet will go back for making pellet again.

Type SFJH80X2 SFJH110X2 SFJH130X2
Main motor(kw) 1.1 2 3
Capacity(t/h) 1-2 3-4 5-6

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Benefits of Vibrating Sieve Machine:

1.Less energy consumption, low noise, long service life. Belt is used for driving the screener hull. The bias weights are balanced and low noise. The support at the tail of screener hull is an improved elastic support with less vibration.
2. Good sealing, little dust overflow.
3. Fully closed structure, automatic row material, more suitable for complete pellet production line
4. Screening of high precision, large quantity, simple structure.
5. The screen body parts adopt copper plates and profiles welded together, the overall stiffness is good, strong and reliable. The improved steel cable structure also can prevent the wearing of steel cable
6.Simple operation and easy maintain work
7.The inner structure of outlet using streamline design can avoid material blocked and cross-contamination.

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