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Wood Crusher

wood crusher


Wood Crusher


Chassis and milling parts are combined to be the wood crusher. The wood crusher is for crushing material into powder material. Raw material feed from the feed mechanism instrument into the crushing chamber, then fly to tooth plate under the high speed rotary hammer blow, and the tooth plate collision bounce after hit by the hammer, at the same time between the sieve surface and hammer , under the effect of repeated collision and friction, the raw material is crushed gradually.


SFPZ 56X40 SFPZ 60X45

SFPZ 132X50


1 2


Motor power(KW)

37 55


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(1) High capacity and easy maintain work
(2) Material particle size can be guaranteed by screen hole size
(3) Hammer angel is treated by special material tungsten carbide, this can extends the life of hammers.
(4) Quenching zone hardness is HRC50-57 after heat treatment, then good wear resistance cam be ensured.
(5) Cavity structure and the upper block board room more are improved, it can changes material circulation effectively, compared with other models yield increase 20% capacity, structure more advanced beyond.
(6) Shift the full open door operation is possible, and replacing hammer and sieve plate are more easier.
(7) Iron removal instrument of wood crusher can effective protect machinery when metal material enter.

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