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Wood Debarker Machine


Wood Debarker Machine

Overview of Wood Debarker Machine:

The wood debarker machine is one update generation peeling product on the basis of Germany technology. the machine is the use of force with a ladder-type peeling unique rotor teeth are generated, the wood segment in the silo tank the cycle of doing intraplate circular motion, but also around its own axis to make the timber segment rotary motion and irregular beating. So keep teeth and between the timber segment, timber and timber segment segment segment and hopper tank and wood comb plate friction, impact, crush and peel the bark and trunk leading to fast is broken and stripped to achieve efficient peeling effect.

    Model  Items


Diameter range of wood logs (mm)


Capacity (t/h)


Debark rate


Wood loss rate


length of the wood logs(m)




Overall dimension(mm)


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Benefits of Wood Debarker Machine:

1.Using four-sideedge knife and the knife is specially treated, sharp and durable.
2.The knife dish regulating controlled by hydraulic pressure, advanced structure, reliable in performance.
3.Feeding mechanism adopts stepless speed change system, peeling effect is very great.
4.High skin clarity, high productivity, small wooden damage.
5.The open bin can realize one side feeding and the other side discharging, continually production line is possible.
6.The machine can be made to mobile stype according to client demands.

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